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Ideal for a simple, friendly evening and for lovers of simple Spanish cuisine. You can enjoy tasting our tapas or sharing them with others as you can experience in Spain. Discover our rice, our fideua and our homemade sangria…

Our menu

​Tapas - starters to share

Iberian charcuterie

Slices of chorizo and Iberian sausage accompanied by vinegar Guindillas

7.00 €

Jamón ibérico Pata Negra

Thin slices of Iberian ham (Pata Negra)


Queso Manchego in Olive Oil

Diced sheep's cheese in extra virgin olive oil, pickled grapes

7.00 €

Pa amb tomàquet

Coca bread rubbed with tomato, extra virgin olive oil and salt flakes

6.00 €

Aceitunas con anchoas

Olives stuffed with salted anchovies, breaded and fried green olives, black olive powder

6.00 €

Huevos rotos con chorizo

Fried egg, slice of Iberian chorizo, simmered potatoes, dried tomato sauce and crispy onions

8.00 €

Croquetas Mushroom

C(r)oquette gourmande Mushroom and sherry wine

7.00 €

Croquetas Tomato and mozzarella

C(r)oquette gourmande dry tomato with buffalo mozzarella

7.00 €

Croquetas Spinach

C(r)oquette gourmande creamed spinach, pine nuts, grapes

7.00 €

Croquetas Cod

C(r)oquette gourmande home-made cod and fried garlic

7.00 €

Croquetas Tuna

C(r)oquette gourmande tuna & tomato

7.00 €

Croquetas Squid

C(r)oquette gourmande squid in its ink

7.00 €

Iberian jamón croquetas

C(r)oquette gourmande Iberian ham

7.00 €

Croquetas Chicken

C(r)oquette gourmande roast chicken

7.00 €

Croquetas  Chorizo and cheese

C(r)oquette gourmande Iberian chorizo and manchego cheese

7.00 €

Patatas bravas

Fried potatoes and lightly spicy dried tomato sauce​

7.00 €

Chorizos al vino tinto

Fresh chorizos preserved in red wine and small onions

7.00 €

Coca d’escalivada

Baked peppers, eggplant and onions on coca bread, Kalamata olive tapenade, fried capers

7.00 €

Boquerone fritos

Fresh fried anchovies, creamy bergamot vinaigrette, parsley powder

8.00 €

Peppers of the Padron

Small fried green peppers and coarse salt

7.00 €

Mejillones en escabeche

Moussels in pickled sauce 8/10 pieces

9.00 €

Sardinillas in olive oil

Sardines in olive oil


Berberechos al natural

Natural cockles

14.00 €

Pincho moruno

Marinated and grilled Iberian pork skewer, sweet and sour sauce

8.00 €

Albóndigas con setas

Slow-cooked meatballs and mushroom sauce


3 paellas_edited.jpg

Rice and fideuà

​Price according to accompaniment

Arroz - Rice cooked in a dry broth

​Price according to accompaniment

Fideuà - Vermicelli roasted and cooked in a broth

​Price according to accompaniment

Arroz caldoso -Very juicy rice for eating with spoon


Lotte - squid ink


Guinea fowl - snow pea


Spare Iberian Ribs - dried tomato


Forest mushrooms - top onions

spare rib resto.jpg

The dishes

Grilled Iberian pork strip

Spare rib of roasted and glazed pork

Fillet of sea bream a la plancha

with fried garlic and hot pepper

Fried monkfish tail with

fried garlic and hot pepper

Kefta with red beans

Side dishes:

Freshly homemade fries potatoes and a small salad



8.00 €

Catalane Cream

8.00 €

Vanilla Flan, Cream


Chocolat Fondant

7.00 €

Homemade lemon sorbet


Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sweet chocolate croquettes


Chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, sweet banana and coconut croquettes


Sweet croquetas:
Chocolate, Catalan Cream or Banana Coconut

Image de Luis González Sosa

Drinks and much more...

8.50 € / 1L : 25.00 €

Red wine sangria


Vermuth de Falset


Pedro Ximenez


Moscatel, Finca Antigua

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