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Discover all the walking dinner options that we offer for your various events.

Walking dinner

Truffes au chocolat rond

Cool Tapas

Omelette - black garlic

Spanish Omelette with Black Garlic Mousseline

Escalivada - tapenade

​Roasted vegetables, coca bread, Kalamata olive tapenade, capers

​Parmesan - balsamic

Savory parmesan cheesecake, balsamic vinegar jelly

Salmon - mango

​Salmon tartare marinated with beetroot, natural mango, trout roe

Tuna - potato

Crushed russian salad, tuna carpaccio, pickled red onions

​Veal - brioche

Confit veal roulade stuffed with tartare, brioche with red wine jam

Rice - chicken

​Maki stuffed with chicken, pear compote and curry


​Fideuà - shrimps - cuttlefish

​Grilled and cooked paella-style vermicelli, cuttlefish and red shrimp

Rice - pork - chicken

​Pals rice cooked with meat broth, pork sausage, pork ribs, chicken tenders

Rice – vegetables – mushrooms

Rice  with vegetables and tomato, seaweed, mushrooms, paella style


​Gourmet tomato and mozzarella croquette; with spinach and pine nuts; cod; squid; Iberian ham and chicken.


​4 kinds of cheese with grilled dried fruit and homemade jams. 


​Assortment of different candies prepared by Eschoise chocolatier Lola Valerius.

Aperitif - from the sun

Goat cheese - Apricot

​Cassava bread stuffed with goat cheese, dried apricot jam

Radish - Cauliflower

​Mock cauliflower couscous, marinated blue radishes, daikon puree with yogurt

​Spinach - Olives

​Gourmet croquette with spinach and pine nuts, Kalamata olive tapenade, sweet capers

Aperitif - from the sea

Salmon - Shiso

Shiso blinis, creamy marinated salmon, trout roe, mango and mustard coulis

Cod - Apple Pink

Pink Lady apple ravioli stuffed with black garlic cod brandade, grilled corn and aioli sauce

Tuna - Squid ink

Squid ink empanadilla stuffed with tuna and tomato, Piquillo pepper jam, Katsuaboshi

Aperitif - from the earth

Jambon - Rice

Iberian ham, tomato compote, parsley rice ball and vinegar

Duck - Orange

Orange and thyme brioche, stuffed with duck, oriental cocktail sauce, candied kumquat

Beef - Veal

Bresaola roulade stuffed with veal tartare, plantain chips, chive pesto

Buffets - Desserts

​Chocolate – hazelnut – caramel

Chocolate and hazelnut truffle, caramel coulis

​Coconut - passion fruit

Magdalene of coconut and passion fruit


Catalan crème brûlée

The citrus

Crispy meringue with lemon mousse, lemon fruit paste

​Mix of sweet croquettes

​Banana and coconut; chocolate ; Catalan cream

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