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Welcome to the menu page of our Mediterranean cuisine restaurant. We are proud to offer you a unique gastronomic experience with refined dishes and excellent seasonal products. Let yourself be seduced by our traditional Spanish dishes revisited with a modern touch and savor the intense flavors and authentic aromas of our cuisine.

Our Menu


White asparagus – beef – egg yolk

White asparagus in different cooking modes, beef tartare,egg yolk caramelized with Pedro Ximenez wine,

cold white asparagus juice


“Pata Negra” ham - bread - tomato

Hand-cut “Pata Negra” ham,“coca” bread with “de penjar” tomato pulp,

extra virgin olive oil



From the sea…
4 Tapas : 31,50
5 Tapas : 38,50

From the earth…
4 Tapas : 31,50
5 Tapas : 38,50

Veal – palm tree – udon

Osso bucco and heart of palm, tomato ,parmesan and basil udon,peppered red wine sauce

Chicken – corn – mozzarella

Gratinated mozzarella cannelloni, spiced chicken stuffing, creamed corn and foie gras, grilled corn




Roasted and smoked duckling fillet, beetroot sauce



Veal confit at 55°, peppered red wine sauce

42.00 €

Iberian Pork

Strip of grilled Iberian pork, salted almond praline

37.00 €

Beef tartar

Made in front of the customer

35.00 €


Crispy and confit monkfish fillet, tikka masala style sauce

40.00 €

Supreme of Turbot

Turbot fillet confit, bergamot vinaigrette

42.00 €

The red bean

Red bean kofta, kimchi, steamed bread, sweet and sour sauce, onion variations

29.00 €

Our desserts

Homemade ice-cream and sorbet

Rose and raspberry sorbet, raspberries grains.

Maknum of chocolate and jalapeño and cocoa nibs.

14.00 €

Cheese – banana – olives

Aged cheeses, madeleine with black olives and banana,

plantain chips, black olive tapenade

15.00 €

Catalan cream

Catalane cream foam, catalane ice cream

14.00 €

Yogurt – strawberry – lavender

In two services: Homemade yogurt with green pepper, strawberry stew,

emulsified strawberry jelly, lavender fruit paste.

Cream whipped with peppered yogurt, strawberry veil,

caramelized green pepper, lavender jam

14.00 €

Mascarpone – cocoa – coffee

Cocoa roll and cream whipped with mascarpone, coffee jam,

almond and cocoa liqueur, coffee vinegar reduction

14.00 €

Our Monoarabica Espressos

Brazil Cerrado Mineiro

(intense, full-bodied, velvety, with chocolate notes)


Ethiopia Yrgacheffe

(delicate, with a balanced body, with floral and fruity notes)


Guatemala Huehuetenango

(complex, balanced body, with notes of chocolate, caramel and honey)



The World of Gin & Tonic

Bombay Sapphire, England

Starfruit, lime, allspice
Tonic Premium

14.00 €

Bulldog, England

Flowers, dried fruits, tamarindo, lemon
Tonic Fever Tree

15.00 €

Tanqueray Ten, England

Physalis, ginger, treat
Tonic Fever Tree

16.0 0 €

​Hendricks, Scotland

Cucumber, kefir
Tonic Fever Tree

16.00 €

Nordes, Spain

Yuzu, matcha tea
Tonic Premium

16.00 €

Ginix, Luxembourg

Mandarin, green anise
Tonic Premium

16.00 €

​Monkey 47, Germany

Passion fruit, cardamom

Tonic Premium

18.00 €

Gin Mare, Spain

Buddha's hand, rosemary, kalamata olives
Tonic Fever Tree

18.00 €

Two side dish to choose from: 

Seasonal salad 

Salad shoot, small vegetables, fruit and dried fruit, mustard vinaigrette

French fries - olive oil

Homemade french fries cooked in olive oil

White asparagus - quinoa

White asparagus, tomato and basil udon and quinoa duo with pine nuts

Endive – cauliflower

Stuffed endive and cauliflower variations

Potato – Piquillo

Roasted onion garnished with confit potatoes and Piquillo jam

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